Waste and Litter Survey 2023

In May 2023, we developed an online Waste and Litter survey to get valuable community input in order to be an informed advocate and ensure our work programmes are focusing on issues important to the community. The highlights of the survey are below.

Food Waste – Do Householders use a good caddy or Brown Bin?

23% – Yes, we use a food caddy

22% – Yes, we use a brown bin

55% – No


94% – Recycle

6% – No


85% – of respondents thought littering was a problem in Letterkenny

90% – of respondents have seen someone litter on the street

88% – of respondents have seen someone litter from their car

What could be done about Littering in Letterkenny?

89% – More litter wardens patrolling

84% – Increase fines for littering

49% – Imposing fines

24% – More provision of bins

8% – More education and awareness

Thank you to everyone who filled in the survey, it provided valuable information for the Letterkenny Tidy Towns committee.

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