⚡️What’s your Power going to be?⚡️

LETTERKENNY Tidy Towns is encouraging the local community to embrace their power to effect change through the ‘Power of One’ initiative.

They launched the initiative with a specially created video on Wednesday 11th October in the Station House Hotel as part of their Sustainable Community LK event.

This initiative is about creating awareness of sustainability and how everyone can make a difference in our community, by small actions every day.

“The ‘Power of One’ campaign aims to demonstrate that everyone has the power to make small changes, Letterkenny Tidy Towns encourages the community to introduce these changes to their daily lives. This could be as simple as donating a bag of saleable clothes to a charity shop, repurposing and upcycling clothes, using a reusable water bottle, growing your own food or volunteering for Sunday’s litter pick with Tidy Towns,” Gerard McCormick, Chairperson, Letterkenny Tidy Towns explained.

Ann-Louise McClintock, PRO and Social Media Co-ordinator continues: “Sustainability encompasses a wide range of themes and this is just one step to raise awareness through our Tidy Towns community. We are utilising the power of social media and want to encourage the community to share their comments/photos with us through #PowerofOneLK. We want to see how they are using their power and engaging their friends and family members. This will be an ongoing campaign and we will be posting simple ways you can take part over the coming weeks and months.”

Everyone has the ‘Power of One’ and together this can make a significant impact, so join us in making a positive change to our environment and community. One person, one act at a time.

‘What is your Power going to be?’